Natioanl Defense Companies Council

The launch of the National Defense Companies Council, came to improve communication with national companies operating in defensive sectors, identify their requirements and promote a culture of transparency between Tawazun Economic Council and private sector companies. Also the launch aims to develop local capacities within the manufacturing sector to reach new horizons, which is beneficial to UAE’s economy in general and private national institutions in particular.

The establishment of this Council coincides with the economic diversification arrangements taking place in our country, the development of the private sector and the expansion of its roles and priorities.

The establishment of the Council also comes to achieve Tawazun Economic Council goals, which was founded in 1992 with a view to achieve visions of a sustainable economic and social development of the United Arab Emirates, focusing on procedures to contribute to the construction of industrial efficiencies and the development of projects in areas of defense and aviation.


NDCC The Local Defense Contractors Council was established by resolution (IDU-1) 2014 to act as a backbone for national defense industry and to create channels for an effective communication between the decision makers and the local defense contractors in a way that will serve the interests of the country. The creation of the Council coincides with the economic diversification drive which is focused on empowering the private sector and expanding its role..


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"... To stengthen this vital sector and to contribute in the industrial and economic development effectively."

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